Choosing to Evolve reveals some of the basic processes of human consciousness that have been humanities greatest gift and our most enduring challenge.

An intimate encounter with these processes, especially the scripts of our emotions, can help us to break through old automated responses to discover new choices. As Silvan Tomkins once said, "Life is a dream we learn to have from a script we did not write."


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What People Are Saying About Choosing To Evolve

 I read a chapter a day, sometimes less, as I found myself excitedly re-reading each (mind altering) paragraph over and over again. Choosing to Evolve opened my mind to exploring the many unconscious habituated scripts playing out moment by moment of my life, and to become more aware of those habituated scripts in others. I found this book to be fascinating and have already recommended it to many of my friends. Evolution is real and it is a choice! Thank you Charles Gaby for this most excellent read! Cheers!!

- Robert S.

When talented musicians turn to a career in psychotherapy, they bring with them a unique ear to the emotions of others. Choosing to Evolve exposes an additional side of Charles Gaby - the ability to put into words his insights into the motivational motifs from which human personalities are woven.

Vernon C. Kelly, Jr. MD


Charles Gaby has opened a gateway to understanding how consciousness awareness, meditation, and somatic practices can merge together. Choosing to Evolve is necessary reading especially for all yoga teachers who wish to help their students inform their practice with these powerful insights and thoughtful practical teachings.

Nicole Shaw - Co-Founder of Sun Stone Fitness



Make This Your Year to Leap!

My Leap Year

In just three intensive weekends you can open up a new world of conscious awareness to the scripts and dynamics that define much of your experience of life and relationships.

This series of workshops with Charles Gaby is designed to create a transformative process - examining imagery and emotional dynamics that mostly go unnoticed in our day to day lives.

As we learn together, there is a bond that grows between us and in the safety of the space love and understanding become the catalyst for lasting growth.

"Many of us spend our whole lives running from feelings with the mistaken belief that you cannot bear the pain. But you have already born the pain. What you have not done is feel all you are, beyond that pain." - Kahlil Gibran