Charles Gaby

Singer/Songwriter - Author

Gaby has paid some dues... playing bars and festivals across the south and up and down the coast of Florida to the streets of New York and the venues in the Village. 

His recent return to performing stems from a fountain of new material that continues to flow and find an audience.

In 2018 he began a collaboration with Daniel Katsük that has culminated in a group called Monks of Symbiosis that will be booking tours in 2022.

Gaby is also a retired psychotherapist and author of "Choosing to Evolve - A User's Guide to Waking Up."


"A damn good writer and someone who expresses clearly some of the most urgent aspects of our inner and outer reality". - C. Wright Mills

"Gaby is like an aging gem. Just as bright and clear as ever and ever more valuable."  - Dirty Dishes

"His ability to make things up - I mean really make shit up! Wow! "  - Milton F. Erickson