From the recording INNERSTATE

All music performed by Charles Milton Gaby


The Ballad of Magdalena
Copyright 2022 Charles Milton Gaby

I had a visit
from a goddess
That took me by surprise
Something stronger than gravity
Made my whole body rise

Hold me down hard
‘cause I’m flying into space
I’ve became enchanted with every feature of your face

Magdalena keeper of the mystery

And we laughed and danced across the city
until the night gives in to morning
And then she disappeared
Without any warning

Magdalena keeper of the mysteries

She found me again
When my show was done
I saw her on the sidewalk
with her hair up in a bun
And when she took it down
we were lying in my bed
Her long dark hair falling down
Making curtains for my head

And I could feel her body move
Like an ocean inside her
Wave after wave
Like the gods had untied her
And I swear she can call down
The rain and the thunder
And all I could do is try
To hold on to the wonder of

Magdalena keeper of the mysteries