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Introducing Nicole

Charles Gaby & Nicole Shaw

Certified Leap Coach Nicole Shaw and Charles Gaby discuss the 1st season of My Leap Year starting May 14th in Dallas, TX. 7 minutes of video.

My Leap Year Talks

Charles Gaby & Nicole Shaw

Nicole Shaw and Charles Gaby discuss the 1st season of My Leap Year, What do we mean by imagery and habituation in human consciousness? 19 minutes of video.

Leap Coaches

Laura Gerstle and Amanda Dunnavant on My Leap Year

Two Leap Coaches discuss their experiences in My Leap Year. 3 minute video.

Charles Gaby

Speaking on March 4, 2018 in Fort Worth TX

Gaby explores habits, imagery, faith, guns and dialogue  Audio only 19 minutes.

99 Second Stretch 

Episode 1

This 99 second video offers a quick practice to break out of habituated images of the self.

Roots of Change Radio

Aired January of 2018

Katsük and Gaby discuss New Year's Resolutions and how self-reflection often fails us. Audio only - 30 minutes

99 Second Stretch 

Episode 2

A 99 second object lesson on the concept of "freedom" and the important limits and tensions to it.

Roots of Change Radio

Aired November of 2017

Katsük and Gaby discuss conflict from a perspective of evolving consciousnes. Audio only - 30 minutes

99 Second Stretch 

Episode 3

A 99 second meditation on listening to our experience of embarrassment, our fears of humiliation.

My Leap Year

Out Takes From Season I of My Leap Year

Listen in on a Leap Year Group and get a taste of the insights that we are exploring together! 26 minute audio file

Sensory Focused Meditation

Lose Your Mind - Come To Your Senses

50 minute guided meditation by Gaby includes music by Daniel Katsük

Restorative Pareneing

The first segment of an introductory workshop captured in 2017.  More episodes coming soon.

Hide and Seek

Here's Charles Gaby playing an old favorite. He wrote this song many years ago but it still feels relevant to the challenges we all face in connecting with other people.

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