My Leap Year

My Leap Year is a journey of gradual immersion into intentional practice of the most important insights in the book: Choosing to Evolve - A User's Guide to Waking Up by Charles Gaby.

During the course of My Leap Year you will:

  • Discover your own unique scripted patterns

  • Uncover the dynamics that have limited your growth & freedom

  • Develop practices that can transform destructive patterns

  • Each weekend leads you through a deeper encounter with your personal emotional and relational dynamics in a space that is accepting and loving

  • Follow up coaching and online support are also available.

3 Weekends - One Goal

Weekend One: Imagery, Habituation, Learning Identity

My Leap Year begins with an exploration of your personal habituated imagery but it's not just about being conscious of the images that guide and define your life... it's about learning how to hold our images more lightly. Building this awareness creates the platform for evolving a new way of participating with the processes of your consciousness.

Weekend Two: Motivation, Emotion, Hidden Scripts

Once we have established a few new practices to process imagery we can begin exploring the heart of our motivation... the emotional scripts that operate silently behind the scenes of our lives.

Weekend Three: Conflict, Transformation, Freedom

As we evolve our participation in our own consciousness there are doors that open. We discover powerful relationships and conflict that was once destructive to intimacy turns into a productive process of continual growth and discovery.



Leap Coaching

Sometimes we all need someone standing outside the labyrinth of our consciousness holding the thread of connection. Leap coaches come from a variety of backgrounds, some are psychotherapists and some teach yoga and meditation. All of them have completed Leap Coach Training and are ready to provide support, accountability and inspiration.

My Leap Year participants get free Leap Coaching as a part of their program but you can also arrange for private coaching and even train to become certified as a Leap Coach.

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Register Now For The Next Intensive Weekend!

February 29th - March 1st

Early Registration $275 by 2/20/20

Intensive Location:

Mistletoe Farm Artists Residence

Willow Park, Texas

March 28th - 29th

Early Registration $275 by 3/19/20

Questions? Call us at 214-210-5595

April 25th - 26th

Early Registration $275 by 4/16/20

Once registered you will receive information on nearby accommodations, inquiry about dietary restrictions, directions to the venue and a brief questionnaire that will help us make our time together as comfortable as possible. Four light meals and snacks are included in your registration. Get ready to feel the love!