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Gaby was invited to submit an article for Voices - the Journal of the American Academy of Psychotherapists.  His piece, entitled "There's Nothing Wrong With Your Mind," is available here:

Personal & Professional Coaching/Consulting

Gaby has been working with clients from all walks of life for over 30 years. His insights into working with our emotional scripts have helped individuals, couples and organizations transform conflict, break through limitations and uncover creativity.

Consulting is available in person in Austin, Fort Worth and Dallas and also online through video conferencing.

New Consulting Plan For People On The Go

A successful coaching/consulting experience requires more than occasional insights.  Real change involves Consciousness, Creativity and Commitment. We created this plan for people who don't have time for weekly face to face meetings but who still want to see real change in their lives!

With this plan each month you receive:

  • 2 - 50-minute face to face meetings with Gaby either in person or via video conference
  • 2 - 20-minute phone sessions
  • ASAP - Priority Response to immediate challenges/ decisions.
  • Free Mini-Workshops offered in Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin
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Changing Gears Workshops

The Art of Shifting Attention with Charles Gaby

Success at any endeavor requires passion and commitment. It also requires the capacity to rest, recover and receive support. Continual stimulation is a recipe for burnout and compassion fatigue, leaving us susceptible to poor decisions, destructive coping scripts, denial and avoidance of important issues.

In this 55 minute workshop, Gaby presents a practice of daily mental shifts to bring balance, reduce fixations and help recharge creative energy. The key involves how we participate in the emotional dynamics of the moment and the mental imagery created by those dynamics. Three simple practices can make all the difference and they can be accomplished without disrupting the workday. They are also extremely helpful when it's time to leave work behind and enjoy your life, love and relationships.


July 24th

Common Desk

2301 W. Anderson Lane

Noon to 1 Pm

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Fort Worth

July 25th

Common Desk

2833 Crockett Street

Noon to 1 Pm

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Dallas - Oak Cliff

July 26th

Common Desk

633 w. Davis St.

Noon to 1 Pm

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