Why are we Choosing to Evolve?


What if there was a common thread at the heart of all our problems and that thread involved particular components of human consciousness? What if we could learn enough about human consciousness to begin to work with those components in a new way?

This is not a book about scientific studies and statistical analysis of brain function. This is an experiential exploration that appeals to common sense. Test the ideas in your own life, discover your own experience. We cannot change the basic processes of human consciousness that have provided human's with both endless abilities and a multitude of suffering. But with enough knowledge of the basic workings of consciousness, we can participate in these components in a new way. Making this shift, at the edges of our conscious experience, is an evolutionary leap.

When you take that leap, you can develop the capacity to choose how you flow with your habituated patterns or step outside of them and learn.

We all have defensive scripts that limit and sometimes destroy our lives and relationships.  The key to leaping is having the precise insights to recognize these defensive scripts as they appear in the present moment. Only then can we begin to employ the practices required to change them. Choosing to Evolve is about building the awareness and the practices necessary to work with the habituating components of our minds in order to create wellbeing for ourselves and the world.

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