My Leap Year

Out Takes from the 1st Season of My Leap Year

Listen in on a Leap Year Group and get a taste of the insights that we are exploring together! This is a 26 minute audio file from Week 3 of Season 1 where we explore how past experiences form the imagery through which we perceive the present.

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Charles Gaby Speaking

From March 4, 2018 Fort Worth TX

In this informal talk, Gaby explores habits, imagery, faith, guns and dialogue using a Gospel passage as an example of the challenges we all face in managing the automatic - habitual way in which our minds use imagery.

Audio file only so you can listen safely in the car.  19 minutes.

Hide and Seek

Here's Charles Gaby playing an old favorite. He wrote this song many years ago but it still feels relevant to the challenges we all face in connecting with other people.