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Any Year Can Be Your Leap Year!

If you are ready to dive deep into a process of transformation and create a new life for yourself – If you want to discover how to engage in the world around you with the passion of your own calling – If you want to experience more of the ecstasy of life and the richness of intimacy in ways that few have ever known. Let this be your Leap Year!

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We all need someone standing outside the labyrinth of our consciousness holding the thread of connection. Leap coaches come from a variety of backgrounds, some are psychotherapists and some teach yoga. All of them have completed Leap Coach Training and are ready to provide support, accountability and inspiration.

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The journey of evolving consciousness can be a lonely one. You don't have to go it alone! Subscribe to the Leap Community and get connected to a whole bunch of people who are fellow pilgrims on this great adventure! The Leap Community connects through social media and online workshops!

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The Next Step

As people have read Choosing to Evolve they often ask, "What can I do next if I want to learn more about how to apply this to my life?"  That is why we created My Leap Year. It is a year long journey of gradual immersion into conscious practice of the most important insights in the book.

During the course of Leap Year, you will receive coaching to apply all these insights about your own unique patterns and develop practices to create a new level of consciousness. What are you waiting for?

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