Gāby is an Old English word word, meaning "fool, minstrel or court jester." It seems a fairly apt description of my current identity. So I'll give you my bio as if it were a personal ad.

Psychic adventurer with poetic sense of wonder seeks Searchers who are ready to evolve. Must love or be willing to learn. No experience or educational achievements required. Taking yourself less seriously is a plus. Likes include: music and lyrics, rapturous ecstasy that happens randomly, dreaming, sailing, wilderness, intimate explorations of what it means to be human, making a difference for someone else however small.

The Journey

Gaby is quick to say that he learned as much from playing music on the streets of New York as he did from graduate studies in psychology. His journey has always been pointed toward the next horizon of insight and his hunger for creating well-being in the world. He wrote Choosing to Evolve in hopes of sharing what that journey has uncovered and what he sees as the challenge and opportunity of the moment.

Gaby Online

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Outside the Box

Gaby loves helping others discover how to transcend the limitations of habituated scripts that are often the root cause of relational and emotional suffering. Often it is not the scripts that need to change so much as how we learn to experience our own consciousness. To inquire about appointments in person or online click below:

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Roots of Change


Coming soon: clips of Gaby speaking on various topics.

Connect with Gaby

Connect with Gaby: