"When we begin to understand even the most basic processes of our consciousness

we begin to transform old scripts and images, opening new doors for participating in life."



a user's guide to waking up

by Charles Gaby


Choosing to Evolve reveals the basic processes of human consciousness that have been both our greatest gift and our most enduring challenge.  With this knowledge we can make a choice to break the chains that bind us to the past and discover a new kind of freedom.


My Leap Year

Each of the four seasons of My Leap Year lasts for 11 weeks. That's a total of 44 weeks of insights, group meetings, exercises and private coaching.

You can join an online Leap Group or participate in person at the locations listed below.

Sync Yoga & Wellbeing - Dallas, Texas

Urban Yoga - Fort Worth, Texas

Online Groups

Let's Get Free

"The ever increasing speed of our modern digital lives is providing us with unprecedented opportunity to notice the cyclical patterns within us and between us. We are increasingly forced to face our repetitive cycles of thoughts, feelings and conflicts.

But within these encounters there is an invitation to transforming not only the limiting patterns of the coping scripts we each adopted in childhood, but the very way in which we participate in the processes of consciousness altogether. That is what My Leap Year is all about." - Charles Gaby